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Using 3dmm without the CD.

Note: you must have 2 drives (c: & d: at least) in order for this to work.

1. Unistall movie maker by going to "Add/Remove" in control and removing 3d movie maker. I don't think the unistall program will remove your movies but to be on the safe side copy them somewhere for safe keeping.

2. Clear up 315 megabytes on one of your hard disk drives, this drive cannot be the same one you intend to install movie maker, so if you have C: and D: copy it to D: and install 3dmm on C:. Whichever drive you choose to do this on will end up being the drive which will hold the 230 megabytes of data that are required to run 3dmm.

3. Copy the ENTIRE of the 3dmm CD to the root of the drive you just cleared up. You MUST copy the cd contents to the root of the drive or else this all will NOT work. The root of the drive means the start of the drive, e.g. the file "bob.txt" situated at c:\bob.txt is on the root of drive c:

4. Remove the 3dmm CD from your cd rom drive and install movie maker by running the setup.exe which you just copied to your drive. The folder you choose to install to MUST be different to where you first copied the files, so just choose the default of c:\program files\Microsoft Kids\3d movie maker\.

5. Now is the time to clear up the pointless 3dmm files.

You can delete any files copied to the root of your drive and ALL folders EXCEPT the folder; "3dmovie".

You can also delete all the .avi files in that "3dmovie" folder.

You can also delete the 66 meg file "Bldgdata.chk" as this is the secret Socrates video (the video won't play in 3dmm if you delete this though, obviously).

6. You will now be left with a 164mb folder (230mb if you've left the "socrate"s video in) on the root one of your drives called "3dmovie" which is what the computer now thinks is the 3dmm cd.
3DMM DIRECTOR'S WAR | This is Sims Odom's latest movie having been in production for almost a year. Many of the community's directors have contributed scenes, voices, and ideas to this; and from the outset it seems like it will totally rock. However, it was quite a disappointment. There were voices missing in quite a few scenes and in general the movie had a very patchy feel. This is probably because the director's who made scenes for this (including myself) had no idea what context they would be used, so it's almost surreal in places. The best scenes are the Jon and Yorick stealth mission and the Bill Gates stand off. The other scenes are easily forgettable. It's a great shame 'cos this could have been such an excellent movie. I almost feel guilty marking it so low, but it's my honest opinion. There's no denying the animation is of a high standard throughout with some truly great effects, but the pace is perhaps a little slow making the tone of the movie a little drab. Hopefully other people will enjoy this alot more than I did. I think perhaps better coordination with the directors involved would have really given this the edge it needs. Having said that; it's certainly one of this years big releases so get yourself an download agent and download this. Directed by "Sims Odom and the 3dmm community".