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TEXAN SILLY BOYS, THE - EPISODE 1 | A very nifty short movie here, though longer than most shorts. This is a cool action flick which some great custom scenery. It's very much inspired by DD with the high octane action sequences and even uses the same credits system, which is definitely a good thing, 'cos I hate those stupidly slow scroll text boxes. Anyway, this is a cut above the average short movies and is a recommended download. Directed by "Ben Wheele".
TOILET HUMOUR | I don't know what it is, time of the day, mood, whatever, but this movie just TOTALLY clicked. It fucking rocks! I've seen Redwampa's "Nuts" movies and thought they were good, but this one just sooo totally worked. This movie was actually released before Nuts2 but I haven't seen it till now. Anyway, the first part is yer usual skits movie and is a little sparse in places, but the Kung Fu fighting scene alone makes up for it. The 2nd part is where the movie goes into 5th gear. The star wars invasion of the teeny weeny nuts hut is so well done. I can't really say anymore 'cos at this point I'd be stating any flaws in the movie, there aren't any, download now. Directed by "Redwampa".