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MYTH (UNFINISHED) | Quietly released at the end of 1999 this would have been Adrian's big movie at the time had he actually finished it. As it stands though, it's pretty damn good. The animation is a little '1999' though - basic and quirky; however, the plot, pace and action help it all along and make this a very enjoyable movie. Some scenes are very cinematic as well, especially the bipedal robot chasing the heroes. This is ultimately a classic movie and you should watch this. It would make for an excellent sequel as well (hint hint Adrian ;). Directed by "Adrian Pikios".
BAKED GOODS - PREVIEW | This is just a simple preview for Fresh from the Oven's (FFTOS) new monthly series of the same name. Nothing much happens in this as it's really just to raise the awareness of the new show which will hopefully be something well worth waiting for. Give it a look 'cos I think it will be cool. Directed by "FFTOS Team".
SNIPER AT MARK VELDHUIZEN HQ, THE | This is a smart and slick movie by Brad here detailing the fate of Mark Veldhuizen. The 'half sighing/half sneering' voice from the Brad character makes this a cool movie. More of 'shotgun' movie than a 'sniper' movie, and a good laugh. Directed by "Brad Ross".