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FINAL FANTASY EPIC - PROLOGUE | Wow! This is amazing. Greg Strnad never seems to be "mingling" with the community, instead he's doing this. Upon watching this you'll see beautifully animated characters not made, but animated too. You'll experience a great story line with great effects and amazing directing. Get this now. Directed by "Greg Strnad".
FAT OFF | Ok, this is a weird one. An inventer has developed a way to rid fat people of their flab. However the Bongo character is not used, instead it's the character known to me as "Tim" which the director obviously calls too as he calls him Tim in the movie as well as using the "Tim" voices from my movies. Anyway, it's a crazy movie even if the voices are a little too quiet, but the ending is just so, 'I don't have a word for it but it makes me laugh'. Directed by "Mackson".
FIVE BODIES | Unlike Yorick's movies, this one doesn't concentrate on pointless humour, but rather the horror aspect of 3dmm. However, there is no story line or actual meaning behind this, but it looks so well done and has some nice scenes it just demands a look. Directed by "Yorick Bergsma".
FLIGHT CHAOS | The contraversial "Flight Chaos" here to download. This movie has received mixed reviews in the past, some claiming it to be the worst 3dmm movie ever. Quite simply, it isn't. It's not excellent, well judge for yourself. I can see many people absolutely loving this. Directed by "Jeff Ching".
FRANCE 98 TICKETS | Made during the 98 World Cup, this movie portrays the alledged struggle British supporters faced when trying to buy tickets. I frankly don't give 2 shits about this problem but it makes a very funny movie especially with Gustave as the main character. Directed by "Will Maltby".
FUGITIVE | A normal action flick here better than most of today's standards, but there are better out there. This starts of quite well with a considerable amount of moving scenes etc. but it gradually decreases. Oh well, guess we'll have to wait till next episode for the sequel. Directed by "Jimmy Dean".