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SALTY DOG, A | From what people have told me I've been under the assumption that this movie was dire, however, now I've actually seen it myself I can say it's not a bad movie at all. The direction is quite sloppy and is very slow in places but it's an ok movie and does well for what it aims to do. Directed by "David Smith".
SAD ROOM, THE | A very good 'arty' type film about a guy who get completely depressed with his work. Works kinda like Anthony Bolyes' "Tanked Society" only not making a statement of any kind. It's shorter and more punchy too and consequently better in my opinion. Brilliant music also - it really does make the movie. This movie is probably better for you older 3dmmers. Directed by "Kirk Donlan".
SAVING GRANNY'S PURSE (VERSION 3.12) | The long awaited and apparently very hyped movie is finally here. The hype missed me entirely so I got an unbiased view of the movie. I have to say it wasn't particularly special. Sure the scenes are very good and the guns and deaths are done well, but there just wasn't much to it other than explosions and stuff. Also, (to me) it looked a bit poor the way when someone got blown up they were engulfed in a fireball which lasted for ages and the body bits all clung to the outside of the ball, hmmm. Anyway, this is still a 'must see' movie and the relentless action not found in many movies will no doubt please many. One last thing, this is an unfinished movie. Directed by "Jackson Buhck".
KILLER COMEDIES | Another one of those comedy sketch movies - quite popular these days. Overall quite average and borrows too many ideas from the pioneer movie of this genre "McZee's Nightmare Clips". However, it does have some really funyn moments especially the surreal "Cheers" spoof which had me in stitches. Directed by "Spencer Crabb".
EVIN IS DOPE - PREVIEW | A very original story here, which looks to be like a sad drama. It tells the story of a boy, and how he comes to mess up his whole life on Drugs, Sex, and the usual ingredients. Good scenes, okay animations, and a plot to kill, get it. Directed by "Mark Veldhuizen".
KING OF THE CLIFF | A short little movie here about a battle to the death. Despite featuring 4 people, this movie is about only two of them, Will and Chris. The effects may not be the best, but the concept of the movie is good enough. Directed by "Syndrom".
GAY BAR MASSACRE | As far as I can tell this is Jon's response to "Fast Food Massacre". The animation is very fluid with almost every scene having a moving camera. The lack of sound effects towards the end made it feel a bit unfinished, but other than that this is a sweet short movie. Directed by "Jon Sapone".
GEOFFREY THE PYSHOPATHIC PENIS REMOVER | Another simple movie. This weirdo Geffrey guy has a bizaare Freudian fixation and takes it out on innocent victims, though this idea is conveyed much more blunty than I have just done. Nice and fast. Directed by "Tim Kelleher".
GEURILLA WARFARE - PREVIEW | A very classy preview for this upcoming action movie. This movie looks set to be one of the better action movies for this year. The movie also has voices by some community 'celebrities'. (Updated) since writing this Nathan Standlee has announced he will not be finishing this movie. Directed by "Nathan Standlee".
GOOMBA | Originally released almost a year ago, Mike sent me this movie as a side story to Videogame Nightmare (although it doesn't have much to do with it). It's about a Goomba who gets sucked out of the Videogame World by a machine Nintendo made, he then goes on a murderous rampage. Directed by "Mike Belfance".