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WRESTLEMANIA 4000 | I've neglected to check out this series of movies as I've put been put off by the theme which implies to me - cack. Fortunately, I'm pleasantly surprised. Bigtime. This is one hell of an ace movie; non-stop action, no boring bits, very fluid animation (it's nice to see multi-polygon objects hold together when moved once in a while). The intros for the wrestlers (community members) is done superbly. The only down point with this was that the non-stop wrestling action got perhaps a little repetitive, but other than that; damn good. Directed by "Nick the Almighty".
WHEN A RAT DIES | This starts off as a drama, and switches to a very disturbing comedy, and then to a kind of action movie. Despite the mix up, this is quite cool. The scenes are very detailed, and the effects look cool and even has a very smart looking crystalised effect which you'll have to see for yourself. Now, watch this movie, and go out and buy a hot dog. Directed by "Tuffe Jon".
WAR BETWEEN WHITE AND GREEN, THE | Another one of Sim's month long projects suddenly pops up here (Sims is a covert 3dmmer). A fast paced action movie about nothing really. The parachute guy getting his parachute strings shot away made me laugh, though this isn't meant to be a comedy. Directed by "Sims Odom".
WILD HAPPY CLUB, THE | When I discovered this was from Yuri, I expected some very strange humour, and I got just that. Despite the fact this movie has no nice scenes, or any amazing animation, the voice acting is incredible, which makes this an instant hit. It's definitely worth a look. Directed by "Dylan Arnot and Yuri Johnson".
WANKERMAN | A simple man is out one sunday afternoon for a peaceful drive through the country side. Unfortunately, everyone passing by actively object to this and set about to end the tranquility. Bizaare if nothing else, Gustave's grin is guaranteed to at least make you smile. Directed by "Will Maltby".
WIPEOUT | Upon looking at the name, I was expecting some sort of movie related to the Playstation classic, but, I didn't get that. Oh well, it's action anyway. The normal happens, guy infiltrates super securly guarded base by self, and happens to kill them all, on his own.. yeah. It's got great action anyways. Directed by "BR and Jedi Sorcery".
WOULDN'T IT BE - SPECIAL EDITION | This is the next, kinda, WIB movie and I have to say, it's quite a disappointment. It lacks the charm and humour of the other movies in the series and the Jerry Springer style skit is frankly extremely boring and over 3000 frames long. Hopefully Andrews future WIB movies will get back to their 'roots' and provide the classic British humour that the rest in the series have in volumes. Directed by "Andrew Metcalf and Jim Weatherby ".
WOULDN'T IT BE 3 | The third in the series and perhaps not as good as the rest, though still a good movie. The beginning was a little slow paced which kinda ruined it, but it got better and there were some really funny moments. As with the rest of the series it's probably a 'watch once' kinda comedy, but still, I recommend it highly to those with a British sense of humour. Directed by "Andrew Metcalf".